Infomercial Bodies
Amazing Bodies for your next advertisement.

Infomercial Bodies and casting

We provide amazing bodies and bodyparts for:
Testimonial Casting by Infomercial Bodies

  • Infomercials
  • Trade shows
  • TV Testimonials
  • Presentation
  • Print
  • Fitness Videos
  • Background
  • Music Videos

Great looking bodies to show off your product.

Our infomercial fitness models are true fitness models.
 At Infomercial Bodies, our non-union models aren't in just good shape our fitness models are in extremely GREAT shape!

Testimonial Casting by Infomercial Bodies

  • Testimonial Casting
  • Model casting
  • Infomercial Testimonial Casting
  • One day user testimonials
  • Infomercial Faces
  • TV Testimonial Casting
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